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Spiritual Law In Action – August

August’s Spiritual Law In Action is “Spiritual Law of Honesty

Are you feeling the heat!? It’s August and CSLSN continues to offer a new and convenient way of enhancing your spiritual growth, and put power behind our intentions! We are Co-creators and our intentions pave the way for what shows up in our life. The more we understand spiritual law, the more in harmony we feel with Life!

When we can learn to be honest and open with ourselves we can learn to have more compassion, patience, and understanding with others. Harmony first starts with our relationship with ourselves and then spirals out and attracts that same energy back to us.

Weird to think that we might actually be manifesting the most toxic people around us in many ways simply by the way we continue to think about our ourselves. Of course, some people may just be a condition of our lives and where we are geographically, but there is always a choice you can make. What would the best version of yourself do in that moment of weakness, frustration, or in life? This is a great question to ask ourselves in order to move to that higher sense of harmony or consciousness.

However, recognizing what we want to become is only half the battle. The real work lies in creating that mental image and actually applying the control in the heat of the moment. So as with everything, it takes training. This is one of the biggest values that CSLSN can provide is that we can come together as a community and practice together.

Join us this month to dive deeper into this topic

We want to invite you to join us for the POWER HOUR, along with our monthly email which will give you fun exercises, and in-depth information about this principle. So join us by following the steps below.

Remember this is a No Cost program; however, we do encourage you to give to our center to help us continue to bring these programs to you.


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Here is what is included:

  1. A short video with some explanation about the Spiritual Law of the month and an elaboration of the affirmations and/or activities are given.
  2. Engage in the Spiritual Laws in Action process on the chart below for each week.  There will be interactive exercises and wonderful Affirmations.
  3. For discussion and/ or questions, join us at Power Hour.  Each Thursday, at 6:30 PM PST.  There will be a segment for Spiritual Laws In Action.

This process tends to build on itself.  So we recommend working through ALL the weeks for maximum benefit and to BUILD YOUR SPIRITUAL MUSCLE!

Please watch this video to get started…https://www.youtube.com/embed/hPapy-8CMlQ?feature=oembed


  1. If you are already a Member of CSL Southern Nevada then there is no need to register, you will be receiving a monthly email. Come and join us on Thursday for the Power Hour to discuss that month’s topic.
  2. If you are not yet registered, please subscribe by filling out the information below and clicking submit. Every month you will receive the latest Spiritual Law in Action for that month. Then come and join us on Thursday for the Power Hour to discuss that month’s topic.

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