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The Spiritual Community

Sunday Celebrations

We have provided Sunday Celebrations, Meditations, and other special occasion celebrations for over 5 years. With our community, we have created a sacred atmosphere, sacred readings, affirmations, and affirmative prayer. Rev. Marquita’s messages uplift, inspire and teach a way of living that encourages self-awareness, spiritual responsibility, and community involvement. Music ministry is a big part of celebrating life. It is through the dedication and love of our volunteers, staff, Spiritual Practitioners, and Ministers that we change lives. Our intention is clear; we are here to enhance lives and better our world.

Youth Program

We encourage children to learn who they are, learn to accept themselves just as they are, and discover their own creativity at an early age. They learn spiritual principles and practice how to focus their thoughts, still their minds, and create their life in dynamic, and joy-filled ways. Our children grow strong in self-awareness, love, discipline, inner wisdom and their connection to the Creator. We encourage our children to discover their unique gifts and talents, and find their own contribution to life.

Men’s Group 

The program provides a supportive place for men to step more fully into their purpose, passion, and authenticity. It seeks to build trust by giving each man an opportunity to say how he feels. It aims to help each man address the issues in his life in a way that does no harm to other men, and in a way that supports his own work. It strives to ensure confidentiality and emotional safety. Any man may abstain from commenting. The men gather together not only to support each other, but to learn, grow spiritually, and serve the community.

Spiritual Education Program

The Spiritual Education program is a significant cornerstone of spiritual growth and development. We are committed to making sure our Spiritual Education program is accessible and available to all in ways that make it easy for people to commit to themselves and to their spiritual life. The education program is for youth, young adults, women, and men.

There are standard courses which are 8 to 10 weeks long. These courses are life-transforming and give participants enough time to solidly ground the new skills they learn while connecting with others on a similar path. In listening to our community, we are developing shorter courses (one course already developed and tested) which makes it easier for individuals to commit to learning and deepening in the midst of a busy life. We also have monthly community home group meetings where small groups get together to inspire, love, connect and learn from each other.

Teachers:  The primary role of the Spiritual Education teachers is to provide learning opportunities for individuals to self-assess while developing new approaches to living. The teachers provide life skills management tools and techniques in a kind and supportive environment to assist people in productive life choices.

The CSLSN Choir

The Choir is made up of passionate volunteers who give their time, talent and love to share in song. They bring the power of their voices together in a way that opens the heart and moves the soul. 

The Women’s Group Initiative

A new initiative is being developed to empower, encourage and support women through life issues. It aims to improve psychological well-being while promoting spiritual development through individual and group self-awareness exercises, reading relevant material and experiential assignments. The program supports and encourages relationship building between women while activating the principles of trust, good communication and living from integrity.

The After-School Initiative

This program is designed to train elementary school children in the principles of Self, discipline, individual responsibility, personal integrity, good citizenship, community awareness, and community involvement. These principles are taught using an outstanding academic and spiritual curriculum while instilling a positive mindset. The children are immersed in a progressive, affirmative environment invented to strengthen positive social interaction. While building on positive traditional attitudes, we provide an opportunity to reassess and examine beliefs and provide tools to a positive mindset and supportive life skills. The children are fed nutritious snacks and materials are provided for lessons.

Our teachers include a musical therapist, a math tutor, an English tutor, an electronics and computer technician, a nurse specializing in trauma resolution, a line-dancing teacher, to name a few. Each teacher will receive a stipend for their services.

Programs Overview

Our programs provide individuals and households with the means to recognize positive alternative approaches to life. We assist people in breaking out of old patterns and open up new dimensions of how to approach life. The teachings cover every aspect of life; self-esteem, relationships, self-love, self-discipline, creating new visions for one’s life, and more. In addition, the programs provide the following:

    • Life skills that enhance well being.
    • A new direction for relationships.
    • Expands the basis on which individuals live and provides hope and new direction for their lives.
    • Covers the gap where
    • Provides the extra dimension that is not included in the school system or traditional treatment approaches.
    • Provides additional tools that have not been explored by this demographic.