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Open Heart Open Mic

Open Heart Open Mic


time 6:30 pm

September 16, 2020

Wednesday Rejuvenation is an inspiring rotational series of events online Wednesday evenings. Do you want a little rejuvenation?  The focus of Open Heart Open Mic is a community forum to share what is on our hearts in a supportive environment regarding a variety of topics.  Please join us and let us hear your heart! 

“It is through the exchange of thoughts, ideas, questions, and laughter that  we connect, grow, and rise together.”  ~Rev. Vanecia 

WHEN: Wednesday, September 16 at  6:30 – 8:00 PM PST  

TOPIC: Courageous Conversations

We have all had those moments when we know a conversation is required.  Yet, we procrastinated, avoided the conversation, or engaged in the conversation unprepared or while feeling “off-centered.”  Consequently, we do not achieve our goal of communicating what is important to us.  We continue to carry the emotional discomfort.  We can change this with a Courageous Conversation.  Let us discuss the things that motivate us to initiate Courageous Conversations with others. 

We will learn: 

  • Why these conversations are important 
  • How to spiritually prepare
  • How to have a Courageous Conversation
  • What a Courageous Conversation looks like 

We know the mantra: Communication is the key to all of our relationships.  With a Courageous Conversation, we can go from knowing the mantra to putting communication into action.


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