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The TLC Inspirational Gathering

The TLC Inspirational Gathering

time 6:10 pm

Every Fourth Wednesday from

June 22, 2022

We are now back In-Person!
TLC Inspirational Gathering will also be available on Facebook and YouTube. 

Connect to a spiritual community and get inspired.

Each month we gather together to offer a sacred space where we can be lifted up in a spiritual community. We learn spiritual principles and tools from our Ministry Leaders that we use to expand and enhance our everyday lives.

By utilizing the writings of Ernest Holmes we examine this thing called “God” in a whole new way. We believe that there are principles and laws to the Universe, which when used intentionally, can help us to transform our lives.

By looking at spirituality through an unfiltered lens we can start to see that these principles and laws have been practiced in one way or another by all religions over the course of humanity. Now backed by science, this ancient wisdom of causal thinking has become more and more popular. We gather together to use this philosophy and a form of affirmative prayer that we call Spiritual Mind Treatment, to declare and demonstrate our new intentions in every area of our lives.

With special music to energize us and also take us deeper within, we celebrate life, with oneness, inclusivity, peace, abundance, and harmony. So come and join us and take part in this sacred special gathering.

You can also expect:

*To stay engaged in other activities outside of this Gathering.

*Discovering classes to teach who you are and how to create even greater good for yourself.

*Learn tools to help deal with everyday stress.

*Get in touch with Licensed Spiritual Practitioners who can provide spiritual support.

*Learn meditation and mindfulness techniques.


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Wednesday, April 27th, 2022 @ 6:10pm PST