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The Power Hour – Online

The Power Hour – Online


time 6:30 pm

Every Thursday from

March 26, 2020

What is the Power Hour ?

In order to support the wellness of all of our members and friends, we have gone online with live streaming programs, starting with the Power HourAn hour of song, prayer, a short topic talk, and a question and answer period.  We are very excited about moving into this platform NOW and have the Corona Virus to thank. As we teach, there is always Good happening.  It is up to us to see it, embrace it, and grow from it.

This is not about fear at all.  We are clear about living from the principle of Wholeness.  Ernest Holmes, the founder of Science of Mind teachings says, “Let us face the future without fear, but let us all also face it intelligently as men and women who are not afraid of anything.  There is nothing in the universe to be afraid of. Now is the time to practice our faith, to create a future of peace within ourselves with love for all humanity, and to maintain an inward joy knowing all things work together for Good.

Want to join us now?

 We invite you to join us online on Zoom, Thursdays at 6:30 PM (PST), for the “Power Hour”.
Click to join the Zoom meeting: https://zoom.us/.        Zoom ID: 471 807 9445


New to Zoom? 

If you have never connected with us using Zoom, it is very easy.   Please click the appropriate link below to access the instructions of downloading the app and how to connect. (You can ask your nearest young adult/ teenager/child /IT person to assist for the first time.)

We suggest you do this on Wednesday to become familiar and have time for assistance or questions. Plan to log on a few minutes ahead of the 6:30 meeting time on Thursday.

First: Click on this link for instructions on how to join Zoom on your iPad, laptop or computer: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1aa0xIjd1b8I1DHvnCz3GIS0898FKwFbKJ3D9TrKH_8Y/edit?usp=sharing

Second: Click on this video link to learn how to join a Zoom meeting.

Third:  Click on this video link for instructions to use Zoom on Smartphones:

Fourth: If necessary, click on this video link for Configuring Audio and Video.  Be sure to still do a test trial.

IMPORTANT:  In the Spirit of community, if you know someone who may need assistance with downloading and/or getting onto Zoom, please call this member/friend and offer assistance so they may be part of our community coming together in this way.