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Movie Night – “Finding Joe”

Movie Night – “Finding Joe”


Finding Joe Movie
time 7:00 pm

November 9, 2018

Please join us for our next inspirational CSLSN movie night.  We will be showing the movie, “Finding Joe”. CSLSN Movie Night, Finding Joe Movie

FINDING JOE is a rich and inspiring exploration of famed mythologist Joseph Campbell’s (1904–1987) pioneering studies into what he dubbed “the hero’s journey” and its continuing impact on our lives and culture. Interwoven with the interviews are delightful enactments of classic tales by a troupe of kids, and clips of movies as varied as Star Wars, The Matrix, and Rocky that map the hero’s journey—the essential pattern or “monomyth” Campbell saw at the heart of the world’s numerous myths and narratives. The film itself is structured around the different stages of the hero’s journey—the challenges, fears, dragons, battles and the all-important return home as a changed person with a gift to share with the larger community.

Featuring: Deepak Chopra, Mick Fleetwood, Rashida Jones, Tony Hawk, Catherine Hardwicke, Laird Hamilton, Robert Walter, Akiva Goldsman, Sir Ken Robinson, Robin Sharma, Lynne Kaufman, Alan Cohen, Brian Johnson, Joseph Marshall III, Rebecca Armstrong, Chungliang Al Huang, David L. Miller, Gay Hendricks, David Loy and Norman Ollestad.

The movie is shown in our sanctuary Friday, Nov. 9 –  from 7 pm to about 9:30 pm.

All are welcome! Invite family and friends!

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