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Movie Night – Dr. Wayne Dyer’s “The Shift”

Movie Night – Dr. Wayne Dyer’s “The Shift”


The Shift Movie, Wayne Dyer
time 7:00 pm

July 13, 2018

Please join us for our next inspirational CSLSN movie night.  We will be showing the movie, “The Shift”, by Hayhouse Publishing starring Dr. Wayne Dyer. 

The Shift is about the shift that takes place within us when we choose to live our lives with meaning, rather than being focused on attaining specific goals before we can be happy. The storyline follows three different groups of people all gathered at the Asilomar Resort in Monterey, California; a married couple who seemed to have lost their spark and gotten caught up a materialistic lifestyle, a devoted wife and mother who seems to have stifled her creative urge in order to please her family, and the camera crew who is filming Dr. Dyer for a documentary. The interview with Dr. Dyer is the backdrop for the whole movie, and weaves through the lives of the two other families, along with the film crew, who find Dr. Dyer’s message very thought-provoking.

“The real purpose of life is just to be happy, to enjoy your life. To get to a place where you’re not always trying to get someplace else. So many people spend their lives striving, trying to be someplace else that they’re not. They never get to arrive.”  ~ Dr. Wayne Dyer

The movie is shown in our sanctuary from 7 pm to about 9:30 pm.

All are welcome! Invite family and friends!

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