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Enlightenment Cinema

Enlightenment Cinema


time 6:30 pm

September 9, 2020

Our Enlightenment Cinema features videos and movies with direct or indirect spiritual messages based on true lives, scripted movies, inspiration from spiritual leaders, and uplifting messages.  Join us after for lively, insightful discussions!

Enlightenment Cinema Topic: Let’s Understand Intersectionality 
A variety of brief animated, scripted, and unique presentation videos will be shown.

Intersectionality is the acknowledgement that everyone has his or her own unique experiences with discrimination and bias.  We must also consider everything and anything that causes discrimination and bias towards people.  

In 1989, Professor Kimberlé Crenshaw was the first to coin the term “intersectionality.” 

Originally, the intersectionality theory was created to explain the layers of discrimination women of color experience.  Intersectionality now includes gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, immigrants, age, class, people with physical and mental disabilities and is applied to all social categories. Later in 2015, the Oxford Dictionary added the term “intersectionality” due to its increasing importance in the world of women’s rights.

We will discuss:

  • Understanding our personal overlapping identities
  • The importance of intersectionality
  • The intersection of gender and race


This is about learning the different experiences people have due to their multiple identities, the experiences of women of color and being aware of our own overlapping identities.

WHEN: Premieres Wednesday, September 9  6:30 – 8:30 PM PST

COST: $5 recommended donation per segment  


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