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Mission Statement

As a spiritual community located in Las Vegas and online, we come together to provide a safe container for spiritual growth. We share in the education and spiritual resources of the Science of Mind and collectively work together to practice these Universal principles to improve our personal lives and on into the world.

The vision we have for our community is to Teach the Science of Mind to those searching to learn. We set an example by living our philosophy, powerfully engaging in love and showing up with our spiritual principles whenever they are needed. Lastly, we take this philosophy out into the world and use it in practical application in our everyday lives.

Our Mission Statement for New Life Vision Training Center is:

Teach the Principles

Live the Love

Change the World

We practice inclusivity, welcome all people and believe in promoting communication and dialogue. We work together to help be of spiritual and community service to the local and larger community.

Come and learn what makes the culture at New Life Vision so special.

  • Explore Oneness and Unity, where this thing many have come to call “God” is the Source of all life and creation. It is also the Presence of Love within us and all beings.
  • See how we blend New Thought teachings and Ancient Wisdom with modern practical application to improve our everyday lives.
  • Grow in awareness by learning how science and spirituality meet in the point of quantum physics and mysticism, neuroscience and spiritual psychology, astrophysics and conscious awareness.
  • Come enjoy intellectually stimulating conversations with other Spiritual Seekers like yourself.
  • Take classes to learn how to increase prosperity, abundance, peace and joy in your life by utilizing Universal Laws and principles.
  • And most importantly, learn how to experience a deeper joy filled life by re-writing the stories of the past, and learning to take control of your own destiny.