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Compassionate Care

The mission of the Compassionate Care Team is to provide physical, spiritual, or emotional support to meet the needs of the congregation during life transitions, hospitalization or other challenges.

Community is about taking care of each other in challenging times and celebrating each other’s life’s milestones and achievements’. The Compassionate Care Program is a gift of true community that is offered to the CSLSN congregation. We know the spiritual truth of wholeness for each person, and yet we also recognize there are times in everyone’s life when compassion and care are also required.

If you would like spiritual support during a challenging time, please contact us.  We are happy to visit you in person or speak with you over the phone to provide loving, listening, prayer and science of mind treatments.


Shekinah Barrett


Shekinah Barrett is the perfect person for our Compassionate Care group. She has been involved with Science of Mind for many years. She has been married to Dr. Reverend Lloyd Barrett for 46 years now. She is loving, caring and a good listener. Shekinah recently moved to Las Vegas from Lakewood, CO and resides with her loving husband Lloyd and their dog, Miss Pearl.


Karen Marie Campbell, RScP

Email: Karen.Campbell@cslsn.org

Karen Campbell is a RScP (Licensed Practitioner) and student of Marquita Pierre-McAlister. She also has an MBA, and is a Certified Transformational Coach through Dr. Wendy Dearborne at the Adssa James Institute. In addition, she is a Certified Spirit Guide Coach through Deborah King, Deborah King Center. Karen is available through email and is happy to respond to you if you are in need of Compassionate Care Assistance.